Traveling in the Czech Republic


Today, we are talking about Prague. The capital of Czech Republic, and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. A very affordable destination, perfect for budget travelers. A city with amazing architecture and atmosphere. They are known for their beer, for all you beer lovers out there.


Prague has a bohemian, fairy-tale like feeling to it. Between the classic gothic style grand cathedrals and bridges, the renaissance castles and baroque churches you are almost always going to be overwhelmed. Walking down the streets of the Old Town Square is like travelling to the past.


Another thing this city is known for is its classic Czech cuisine. Strong meat dishes, combined with classic Czech beer makes it an experience to remember. Try beers at the Prague Beer Museum, a top-rated bar with a lot of different beer samplers to choose from. Lagers, dark, ciders, ales, bottled or draught. For food we recommend visiting Mincovna, a local cuisine restaurant located in the center of Prague on the Old Town Square. For a bit of quicker and more casual lunch, with high quality beer, we recommend a pub, close to the center-U Pivrnce.


Here are some of the must-see places we recommend when visiting Prague. A good place to start is the Old Town Square. Surrounded with gothic style churches with it gives out a medieval feeling. Right on the edge are the Old Town Hall and Astronomical Clock, which are pretty amazing just to look at. Another must see place is one of Prague’s 17 bridges, Charles Bridge. Entrance from the Old Town side passes through the Powder Tower. The bridge itself stores 30 statues, built in 17th century, which represent saints and wealthy patrons.  Another trademark building to admire is the Prague Castle with St. Vitas Cathedral, where the royal family and highest priests used to reside. Now turned into tourist locations, these are probably some of the most amazing buildings you are ever going to see. Charles Square, the largest medieval square in Europe, might interest you as well. For a more new-age orientated crowd, do not feel left out. On the contrary, there are many places you might find exciting. One of them is definitely the Dancing House. It is probably one of the weirdest buildings you will ever witness, and it offers an amazing view on to the whole city. A couple of other places include Franc Kafka Museum, as well as the Kafka Rotating Sculpture, which is a giant metal head that forms interesting patterns.


Prague excels at public transport. Simply following drawn instructions or buying a map can get you where ever you would like to go via the public transport. You can use the metro, trams or busses for 24 hours, and the tickets are very cheap. As for the hotels, there are many options to choose from, more expensive ones, like Golden Well, and cheaper ones, like Hilton Prague. Location of the hotel is not a big concern, with fast and reliable transport available 24/7.

We hope this article helped you decide and plan your own journeys!

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